These limited edition packs contain at least 4 activities based around 4 artists.

Unlike craft packs and colouring books, these activities are created by a professional art teacher and artist - That's me - Miss Yaz.

They're focused on having fun doing, and being creative. Learning techniques that allow your campers to really explore a particular medium and understand what it can (and can't) be used to achieve.

You can do the activities together as many times as you like. 


This bundle will be available until sold out.

ARTivities Bundle with materials
We've done the running around for you. Everything you need to do each activity at least a few times - if not more. Sourced by Miss Yaz herself from the best places to get the materials that will make your work shine.


Packs include:


  • Miss Yaz's guided video overview of 4 artists - their story, what makes them unique and an activity or two for you to do, so you can explore their work. Each activity is based on a current artist. Delivered via email.
  • Printed Pack
     - Worksheet covering each activity with tips for parents and a guide for further exploration of the ideas in focus.

    - Materials list with recommended "reasonable" quality materials and where to purchase them (helping ensure you don't spend a fortune but also avoid investing in rubbish products that can ruin your work and/or your furniture. 

    - Some bonus colouring sheets for good luck.


Packs are beautifully decorated and can be personalized. 
Please let me know if they're for someone special or as a gift.



Note: Acrylic and watercolour paints may vary due to availability.
*Picture books not included
* Acetate sheet included 
* 160-200gsm paper included 
* ARTivity book includes 4 artists a little something else :)



ARTivities Bundle with Materials