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🎶🎨Music and art with Kandinsky🎶🎨


🎶🎨MUSIC & ART with Kandinsky 🎨🎶 Hi campers! Today’s lesson is brought to you by Vasily Kandinsky. 💥Fast facts:💥
1. He was from Russia
2. He had a medical condition called Synesthesia. He saw sounds as colours and lines.
3. We are learning about his abstract art.

👀You will need: your favourite song to listen to, paper and some colours to draw with.... whatever you have at home is good! 🎉🥳Can’t wait to see what you come up with!!🥳🎉 Ps adult campers! There’s a Spotify present just for you! 🎉💃🏻 

What 🎶 jams sparks your creativity? Let me know and join the conversation on Instagram 🎨🎶

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